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Where are Blundstone products made?

All Blundstone gumboots are made in our Hobart factory located in Tasmania. Our Leather footwear is manufactured overseas by our manufacturing partners.
We take great pride ensuring that all Blundstone products are made to the highest standard and deliver maximum comfort.

Is Blundstone Australian owned?

YES! It is 100% Australian owned and has been for over 140 years. It is based in Tasmania, Australia.

Do Blundstone manufacture children's and ladies leather footwear?

Blundstone offer a wide range of unisex styled footwear. The most popular styles being the 500 series and Dress Boot series. Blundstone's safety range also includes footwear specifically designed for women.

The iconic Blundstone style 500 has been downsized for children - refer to style 530 - and is available in a size range from a children's size 7.

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